Create a “Stand Out” Resume

  • Highlight your strengths
  • Project your worth

Nail The Interview

  • Practice and perfect how you present yourself
  • Feel confident.
  • Ask all the right questions
  • Make them smile
  • Leave them feeling curious about you

Career Coaching

  • Discover what drives you
  • Start a business
  • Change your career
  • Achieve more in your current role
  • Feel happy and fulfilled at work

Executive Coaching

  • Be your best self (and boss)
  • Inspire others to be innovators, achievers and leaders
  • Be more effective and more authentic
  • Be the boss who gets invited to the team happy hour (not the one they talk about over a beer)

Team Culture

  • Reduce office politics
  • Deescalate highly charged situations
  • Develop an effective team that flourishes with compassion, respect and efficiency

Set Goals. Follow Through.

  • Create realistic and achievable goals
  • Set a timeline
  • Be accountable
  • Get stuff done

Find Your Soulmate

  • Attract love by being your best self
  • Identify and break old patterns
  • Clarify what happiness and love is for you
  • Enjoy the process of dating
  • Be more ‘you’ and less of the person you think you ‘should’ be

Organize Your Disorganized Life

  • Prioritize.
  • Plan.
  • Manage Your Time.
  • Get stuff done.

Communicate. Speak. Listen.

  • Talk so your partner will listen.
  • Listen so your partner will talk.
  • Communicate with respect and love.
  • Have meaningful conversations with less conflict.
  • Create a loving partnership.

Increase the Heat.

  • Reconnect with that person you fell in love with.
  • Feel those butterflies and blush like a teenager.
  • Look forward to those intimate moments again.

Yell Less. Love More. (Parenting)

  • Get on the same page with discipline.
  • Understand each other’s point of view and parenting approach.
  • Make memorable moments as a family every day.

Balance Work and Home Life

  • Prioritize your life.
  • Let go of the non-essential tasks.
  • Find time for the things that matter most while balancing the things that must get done.